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Richard Inferrera provides custom design services for high end car audio and electronics systems. He partners with only the very best installation professionals at several locations nationwide. Enclosed, fully insured transportation of your vehicle can be arranged to the nearest installation site.

About RCT Consulting:

After over 40 years as proprietor of the award-winning Rich’s Car Tunes,  Rich Inferrera  brings his passion for car audio, practical knowledge of integrating aftermarket electronics,  and keen ear for precisely tuning automotive audio systems to audio manufacturers and automotive OEMs.  Rich offers his renowned expertise on a consultancy basis to assist in the design and manufacture of automotive audio systems.

About Rich’s Car Tunes:

Founded in 1968 by Richard Inferrera, Rich's Car Tunes has been distinguished as one of the world's premier mobile entertainment design & installation shops. Specializing in custom high end installation and consistently setting industry standards,  Rich's Car Tunes has been a  leader in the design and installation of high end mobile audio, video, security, radar and communication for over 40 years.

Rich and Rich's Car Tunes have been recognized with many honors and awards, including multiple first place awards at IASCA and its predecessor car audio competition, Boston Magazine's Best of Boston, as well as multiple articles in the Boston Globe, Car Audio & Electronics, Car Stereo Review, Auto Sound & Security, Car Sound, Automedia, AutoWeek, Motor Trend, Mobile Sound,  and Audio Video International.


August 2011

Dear Rich,

Perfection. There's just no other word to describe the work you've done on my 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo. The attention to detail is impeccable, the craftsmanship unbelievable and the sound...well, the sound... is nothing short of astonishing. The treble is exquisite - sweet and clean with no fatigue, the midrange is flawless with vocals as pure and transparent as any I've heard, the midbass is tight, fast and incredibly accurate and the bottom end is amazingly powerful, palpable and visceral. I've heard the Lambo referred to as an 'elegant beast' and that goes double for the stereo...


On top of the sound system, the custom install of the Escort 9500ci radar detector and the the Laser Interceptor system was so seamlessly integrated with the car's interior and exterior that the word "stealth" doesn't even apply; "invisible' would be more like it, inside and out. In general, every seam, corner, button, knob, switch...everything is just perfectly done. And actually gaining 1/4" of leg room with the installation of the subwoofer - you're kidding me right.....amazing...


I appreciate anyone who is the best at what they do and Rich....there is no are the best designer of high end car audio there is....period. If anyone with a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Bentley, Porsche or other exotic is reading this letter, take note - there is nobody else to trust your vehicle with, nobody. Whether it's a full blown competition stereo or a completely invisible radar/laser install, Rich Inferrera is your guy. End of story.

All the best,

John DiFiore MD

June 2011


Hi Rich,

I took my lady for a ride Sunday. Both of us were totally blown away by the superb aud/vid mods. We watched Jeff Beck concert that I had downloaded. I've decided that Jeff Beck is an Alien Time Traveler who specializes in ancient (our time period) music who has come back in time to share things that no human will master for hundreds of years. He just wants to share.

I've watched him and he is NOT human, plus, he is using some form of Alien technology to make impossible sounds happen when his hands and fingers are not even at the correct end of the fretboard, and it is Galaxial quality music! He seems like a really nice guy, though, alien or not.


I then dropped the BlueStealth off at Peabody BMW for its 1,200 mile tune-up so it now has all 507 HP available in "M" mode. It is fast becoming a spaceship Some guys at Peabody BMW gathered around when I turned up the sound a bit. They were in a state of shock. They couldn't believe anybody could fit a ultra high quality home theatre system INTO a BMW, much less do so and still retain a stock interior appearance.

Rich, you went beyond the asteroid belt on this install, and the results are MAGNIFICENT!


Peter Holloway
Boston, Massachusetts USA

Wall of Fame

Joe Perry

Joe Perry, Aerosmith

"My truck never sounded so good!!!"


Cameron Sawzin

"I just wanted to rave about my car stereo. The staging of the speakers is superb and the workmanship impeccable. I can hear all the detail in the lower registers which is critical for a professional cellist who "works" in her car."

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